A Great Big Meteor

by elder light

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releases August 24, 2017

Tracked by Jeff Leber and Jarrett Pryzgoda.
Edited by Jarrett Pryzgoda.
Mixed by Jeff Leber.
Mastered by Chris Galvez at Good Fortune Audio.

All songs written and performed by Elder Light with the help of...

L. Morgan, Liz Turner, and AJ Schantek (voice) "Mother of Mine"
AJ Schantek (viola) "Failure to Thrive".

Album art by Austin Schramm at Prairie State Records.



all rights reserved


elder light Round Lake Park, Illinois

we are an emo band.

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Track Name: A Smoke and A Cold One
The grass is greener and love is sweet.
Like there's no air fresher I'd rather breathe.
Like there's something in the back seat.
Like there's someone under my sheets,
And I'm scared.

Hiding out in the finer things up there.
Swinging high at the tops of trees up there.
No ground under my feet.
Hot light and a cold drink up there.

Someone's saving my favorite seat back there,
Some earthly being if love to meet, back there.
One glance and I'm swooning.
My fear's not becoming.
It's not fair.

Sleeping in, I'm an anxious mess up there.
Swinging low from the saddest branch up there.
No ground under my feet.
Sober and it kills me up there.
Track Name: Old Toby
Tall tales are the talk of the house.
Is it best that we whisper?
Or better told in a shout?
I've got another one,
A poison did drop down from the spout or the sky
Like your tongue on tile to the grout and below.

In the basement,
From the kitchen,
Or the attic?
I don't know.

Like my last drink or the light of the flat screen.
It's all the same to me.
I should be asleep.

In the walls, we've got a creepy crawler calling my name
Like the tamest night from the onset.
If I could be as the mouse that we trapped
With my feet hanging stiff I might be better off.

In the front room,
From the outside,
A less known life
I had stole.

I'm so sorry.
Are you lonely?
I neglected to ask.
Was that selfish?
I was only looking out for my friends.
These old walls don't do the same for them.